Staff & Student Body

Dexterous staff faculties are drawn from across India at Mount Hermon School and the teacher-student ratio is kept as low as possible to faculties close interaction between students and teachers.

Mount Hermon School every individual is drawn from a wide range of ethnic, social and national backgrounds. The students live together in tolerance, harmony and equality.

Day Scholars

Though primarily a residential school, Mt Hermon has extended admission to Day Scholars.

The Day Scholars have been a vital part of the school and have added enormously to the school in predominantly all spheres. The Day Scholars of the Mt Hermon have imbibed the School ethos and the school, in turn, are prade of the fact that many day scholars have carved a niche for themselves in various locations in and around Darjeeling.

Day Scholars are admitted for Darjeeling and Mount Hermon Estate.

Preparations can be prepared for day scholars to dine everyday with the boarders at mid-day for an adequate charge.

Day Scholars excepted to participate in the school sports activities and other extra-curricular activities, as well as attending classes.

Amenities & Services

The amenities and services at Mount Hermon School are:

  1.  A well equipped and furnished modern infermary headed by a trained nurse.
  2.  Boarding facilities for both boys and girls.
  3.  Well-equipped library.
  4.  Cafeteria.
  5.  Amenities of hightee Computers.
  6.  Evening entertainment (saturdays) – Movie.